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Training Unit

Bhoruka has devoted to the capacity building & training of the NGOs, CBOs, doctors, health workers, paramedics, program implementers, project management staff, government officials & various levels of people working in the health sector. A training plan is formulated for each quarter. Each recruitment is followed by an orientation / induction training program.

Project Division

Here the training is made as interesting as possible by the use of participatory methods. The thrust areas in this section are: -

» Orientation/Induction training for new recruits
» Behaviour change communication
» Basic and advanced communication
» Clinical and technical aspects of HIV/AIDS
» Gender sensitisation
» Social marketing
» Home-based care and support
» Research methodology
» Reproductive child health issues
» Adolescent health and hygiene
» Training of trainers on different health issues
» Voluntary test and counselling
» Mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS
» Motivation and counselling
» Planning, monitoring and evaluation
» Team building and leadership management

Training To External Institutions

The unit has held 8 training sessions for other NGOs in the following areas:-

» Basic and advanced communication and counselling
» Behaviour change communication
» Gender sensitisation
» Basics of HIV/AIDS
» Home-based care and support
» VCTC counselling
» Reproductive and child health
» Research methodology
» Planning, monitoring and evaluation
» Quality assuarance
» Blood banking activities

Some of the institutions that have taken training from Bhoruka are:-

» City Level Plan of Action
» Don Bosco Ashalayam
» Doctors from various Blood Banks 
» Family Physicians Association
» Goal's Partner NGOs
» Indian Institute for Mother and Child
» Institute of Child Health
» Private Practitioners                            
» West Bengal State AIDS Control Society
» West Bank Hospital

Blood Bank

In order to enhance the working of the blood bank staff, the training unit greatly emphasises on practical and laboratory based training. Main focus is given on these areas: -

» Orientation/Induction training
» Cross-matching
» Rational use of blood components
» Component separation
» Serological testing
» Machine maintenance
» Motivation of blood donors
» Customer service

Training Manuals

Bhoruka's training unit has successfully developed a number of manuals. Some of them are:-

•  Training manual on Orientation/Induction
Training manual on Peer Education
Training manual on Industry Involovment
Training manual on Behaviour Change Communication
Training manual on Social Marketing and Condom Promotion
Training manual on Home based care and Support for HIV - positive individuals
Training manual on Reproductive and child health

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