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Overall objectives:

To ensure basic right to the HIV infected and affected children
To provide a long term shelter home services to infected & affected children who are in need
Ensuring orphans and other vulnerable children to HIV/AIDS an equal access to basic social services
To provide psychological support to the infected & affected children through counseling services
To create an enable environment through stigma reduction intervention effort.

SNEHNEER - Home away from home
Home for HIV infected and affected children
"Snehneer" is a home away from home, a home for the innocent victim, for the infected and affected children of HIV. The children are provided holistic care and support, together with proper nutrition and health care facilities.

The aim of this project is to create an enabling environment in the society for ensuring basic rights of the children infected and affected with HIV / AIDS.

The beneficiaries of the project are children affected and infected with HIV / AIDS. The number of residents is 18, out of which 6 are girls and the rest are boys. There are 2 residential house mothers to look after the residents. The services offered are:

• Nutritional support
• Educational support
• Psychological support
• Medical facilities
• Recreation and entertainment

The project activity is divided into two parts i.e. shelter home and outreach activity. Bhoruka has a short stay residential home "Snehneer", where till date 27 kids from 5 districts of West Bengal namely Kolkata, Howrah, Nadia, North & South 24 Parganas have recieved care. Also, the project has reached 108 children through outreach services. To reach its goal diffrent types of sensitization programs have been arranged. So, far 16 groups have been formed comprising different categories of community people at those areas where the beneficiaries come so that the community people can get atleast the initial support during the period of crisis. The program is supported by Hope Foundation, Ireland.
Project Activities

•   Provide holistic care (nutritional, educational, psychological & health) to infected and affected children who are in dire need through shelter home services (Snehneer)
•   Provide nutritional, educational, psychological & health care to infected and affected children through out reaching services (camp & home visit) who live in their families or extended families
•   Ensure life skill education to infected & affected children
•   Arranging sensitization workshops with Government officials, community leaders / opinion leaders at most vulnerable district
•   Creation of community support group at vulnerable district
•   Sensitization workshop in colleges & universities to create support group
•   Networking with Govt. Health facilities to ensure enrollment of infected children to ART centre, proper immunization etc.
•   Capacity building of family members or neighbours on home based care
•   Provide appropriate counseling services
•   capacity building of other NGOs/CBOs/care givers
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