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Proactive Identification of CLHAs to ensure treatment

Care and SupportHIV infection has already taken a tremendous toll on human life single handedly. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the physical, psychological as well as the social lifes of the individuals infected and affected by the virus. Thus careful support has increasingly become the need of the day.
Providing care and support for such individuals is of highest priority to Bhoruka. Bhoruka's efforts to provide care & support has been supported by Actionaid and WBSPCS.
HIV is spreading with a tremendous velocity. A large number of children fall prey to HIV/AIDS from theirs mothers during pregnancy, birth or breast-feeding. According to UNAIDS/WHO AIDS Epidemic Update (November 2007) around 30.8 million adults and 2.5 million children were living with HIV at the end of 2007. With proper funding, trained staff and resources, the infections and deaths of many children even in the lower income countries can easily be averted.
Parents of these children are to made aware that they should take their children to be tested and if detected positive they should enroll their children in ART centre, resist every sort of hindrance against the testing.

Care and Support Activities

1. Meeting with Government officials: DSW, CMOH (Howrah), BDO, Panchay Samity President, BMOH, CDPO
2. Advocacy meeting with different Government officials involving district, block and gram panchayat level personnel.
3. General Community Sensitization Program through BCC event like Talking Doll Show, Street Drama to motivate people to be tested.
4. Election & Training of Health Volunteers
5. Networking with Government as well as non government hospitals, nursing homes & VCT Centre
6. General Health Camp:
- General health check-up for children
- Parental counseling
- Referring children to Government VCT Centre
- Delivery of test reports
7. Enrollment of these newly infected cases into the existing local Government care & support centres.

Children reached through Health Camp
Sl. No. Date Area of Camp No.
1. 15.12.07 Parbatipur, Harisabha, Domjur, Howrah 153
2. 16.12.07 Chalk Narna, Domjur, Howrah 150
3. 23.12.07 Chara Panchla, Panchla, Howrah 170
4. 30.12.07 Madhya Dhumki, Panchla, Howrah 148

The program is supported by Clinton Foundation.
Project Goals

Proactive Identification of CLHAs (Children Living with HIV/AIDS) to ensure their treatment and other basic social services.

The Objectives:

•  To sensitize different stakeholders on the related issues through outreaching activities.
To identify the CLHAs who are not within the ambit of existing care and treatment service through converging ICTC services.
To ensure care and treatment access to identified CLHAs
To build community based referral unit.
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