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Sufferings of street children:

• Lack of proper clothing and nutrition.
• No sanitation system
• Diarrhea, skin diseases and RTI
• Addiction to drugs
• Subject to gambling and petty crimes


BHORUKA initiated a project with street children in 2005. The project started with street children of Nonapukur, Mullick Bazaar, Marqui Street, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road and Royd Lane.

The GOAL of this project is, "To protect children at high risk and to provide nutritive food and health support to street children in pursuance of minimizing the exploitation of this vulnerable population thereby bringing about a positive change in their behaviour and attitude towards life."

The project provides services to 97 children. Among the 97 children 57% are boys and 43% are girls. 13.405% live with their motherand 81.443% live with their mother and father both and 1.031% live with their father. And 4.124% children are orphans.

44% children are engaged in different activities as child labourers like begging, rag picking, iron picking, jari work etc. Among the working children 27% are engaged as rag pickers. 77% are either drop-outs or have never been to school.

The program is supported by Hope Foundation, Ireland.

Child Watch in Kolkata
Child Watch in Kolkata
Child Watch in Kolkata

Measures initiated:

•   Conducts parent meetings, community sensitization meetings, group meetings, adolescent training and mothers meeting.
•   Plan to seek admission for 10% of the 50 beneficiaries.
•   Awareness generation on hygiene, health and the like.
•   28 Birth Certificates were issued with the assistance of Lalpur Gram Panchayat.
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